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  • Grantham MechVent™
  • Patents Etcetera is introducing the Grantham MechVent™ (Grantham Mechanical Ventilator) to the fire-fighters' community. Conceived and invented by local firefighter Bobby Grantham, the MechVent is a novel firefighting defensive tool which reduces the possibility of flashover. Its mode of action is to pull heat and smoke from the burning compartment, which is opposite to that of the typical approach to ventilating a burning compartment by blowing air into the structure by a fan to push the heat and smoke out, but both may be used simultaneously to good effect. The Grantham Mechanical Ventilator reduces injury to humans at the scene as well as reducing property damage, by (1) pulling superheated air and smoke from the burning structure and (2) optionally by dousing the flames directly with a sprinkler flow when appropriate. Additionally, the tool (3) reduces the spread of fire within the burning structure, (4) reduces the spread of fire to adjacent exposures, and (5) facilitates escape by people trapped inside the burning structure. Finally, (6) once put in place the tool provides an unmanned means by which the preceding may be accomplished.

    Boston area intellectual property firm Patents Etcetera would like to hear from fire-fighting device manufacturing companies and distributors to discuss licensing opportunities for the Grantham MechVent™.

    For information about the Grantham MechVent™, please contact:

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