• 1. Patent Filing Services
  • Patents Etcetera has legal expertise that specializes in providing start-up businesses and individual inventors support in getting their intellectual property securely patent protected.
  • Our experts can help you do everything necessary to obtain strong patent protection by helping you describe and claim your invention in a manner that is in compliance with US and international statutes and regulations and taking timely care of the many details which accompany patent filing.
  • Whether your invention is an improved mouse trap or a nanotechnology product, our legal department stands ready to help move your patent application smoothly through the patent application processes of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).
  • 2. IP Assessment and Review
  • Patents Etcetera has technical experts at hand that can assist seed companies and start-ups in developing a robust strategy in getting their intellectual property protected. This could involve consultation on drug development, drug delivery or mechanical design. Patents Etcetera can assist in performing a full review of their IP portfolio and provide recommendations.
  • 3. Product Development and Promotion
  • After filing your patent application, Patent Etcetera will provide valuable feedback in the development of prototypes for testing. This is to ensure that the invention detailed in the application is enabled. Additionally, Patents Etcetera will build a promotional campaign for the client's invention to advertise, negotiate and license the product out to the appropriate manufacturing companies. For example, an innovative product to aid fire-fighting will be of interest to manufacturers of fire-fighting equipment, insurance companies and fire-fighters' associations.

    Patents Etcetera is sensitive to the high costs that are often incurred by the inventor during promotional and licensing campaigns and often will provide these business development services in lieu of a reasonable percentage of the royalties/profits, etc. This arrangement benefits both Patents Etcetera and the individual inventor. Please refer to our Products Showcase page for the innovative products currently being promoted.
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  • 4. Integrated Intellectual Property-Drug Development
  • Patents Etcetera also offers key expert advice to drug development companies on patentability of their drug and methods/ways to gain new patent protection for drugs that are off-patent. Furthermore, our technical experts on drug development are affiliated with a local drug development CRO, Integral Biosystems, LLC. Integral Biosystems and Patents Etcetera then collaborate to generate a robust IP strategy for the company. This service has recently evolved into a business model niche for Patents Etcetera.

Epinephrine, also called adrenaline, was the first steroid to be isolated and characterized. This became a breakthrough ingredient used to treat asthma.

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