Patents Etcetera's History, Mission and Business Model


Located near Boston, Massachusetts, Patents Etcetera is an intellectual property firm founded in 2006 to provide expert patent filing services to a niche demographic: individual inventors, seed companies, pre- start-ups and small businesses. We provide services that are first, affordable, and second, optimized to the client's IP strategy and aim to solidify the IP portfolio of a small business. Since our inception, we have filed patent applications in areas of drug delivery, drug dosage forms in ophthalmics, dentistry and vaccines, nanotechnology products and novel mechanical device designs. As part of our team, we have scientists and engineers as technical experts advising, consulting and assisting us in these areas.


Patents Etcetera mission is to help companies and inventors obtain strong patent protection by formulation of claims that are in compliance with US and international statutes and regulations. Additionally, Patents Etcetera experts assist in the management of the myriad details that accompany patent filing.

Our mission as a small intellectual property services firm is to provide high quality, affordable services to our clients. Our goal is to build credibility among our clients by providing the highest quality services in a time-driven manner. We pride ourselves in our efficiency, affordability and timeliness.

Business Model

Our business model is based on building expertise in our firm, by building a network of experts in the various fields of engineering, medicine, biology and chemistry. We draw upon our experts for consultation and technical assistance to provide ourselves with a large breadth of expertise in multi-disciplines. Depending upon the technical area of the invention, Patents Etcetera draws upon its highly trained experts in that field, to perform prior art searches, summarize background work and draft specifications and claims of the patent application. Thus, our applications are focused, detailed, well-written and comprehensible to the patent examiner. Regardless of whether the invention is an improved mouse trap, novel sports product, a drug delivery system or a nanotechnology product, Patents Etcetera has expertise to move patent applications smoothly through the patent application processes of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

We do not accept patent projects that we feel are non-patentable.

USPTO Campus in Arlington, VA

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