A number of major patent firms outsource the composition of patent applications to third-parties in other countries. A number of foreign countries are not signatories to the intellectual property accords that bind agents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and therefore the privacy of your patent application may be at risk. Patents Etcetera will never outsource the production of your patent application.
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    Welcome to the Patents Etcetera website! Located near Boston, Massachusetts, Patents Etcetera is an intellectual property firm founded in 2006 to provide expert patent filing services to a niche demographic: individual inventors, seed companies, pre- start-ups and small businesses.

    We provide services that are first, affordable, and second, optimized to the client's IP strategy and aim to solidify the IP portfolio of a small business. Additionally, Patents Etcetera will build a promotional campaign for the client's invention to advertise, negotiate and license the product out to the appropriate manufacturing companies.

    For example, we are currently promoting and seeking investors for the Grantham MechVent™, a ground-breaking fire-fighting device conceptualized to minimize flashover during a fire. Recently, we have expanded our services to include copyrights, trademarks and corporate contracts.

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    To secure the maximum protection for your intellectual property requires great breadth and depth of technical education, training and experience. Our staff has these in abundance.
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    Visit this web page for, among other things, information about what makes an invention patentable, frequently asked questions, and a look at USPTO Patent # 1.
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    Patents Etcetera offers reasonably priced patent composition, patent filing, and patent prosecution representation with United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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    The latest news about Patents Etcetera and our press releases.
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  • Product Showcase
    Patents Etcetera announces the promotion of a ground-breaking fire-fighting device, the Grantham MechVent™. Developed by Massachusetts resident firefighter Bobby Grantham, prototypes of the device have been built and tested.

    We have built strong patent protection around this product. This product is currently patent pending. We invite queries from the fire-fighting community, manufacturers and other interested parties. Contact us for more information.
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    We offer a free-of-charge initial consultation. Please contact us with any questions or comments.
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Minuteman Legal Services
Patents Etcetera announces the founding of Minuteman Legal Services in 2011, also located in the Boston area. Founded by Patents Etcetera attorney Dave Karasic, Esq. Minuteman Legal Services offers legal advice in wills and trusts, consumer law, trademarks/copyrights and general civil litigation.

Caffeine is a naturally occurring molecule that is found in over sixty different plants. Since this is a naturally occurring substance, the structure cannot be patented (USC 35 Section 101).

However, methods for its use, purification, various applications, etc. can be patented as utility patents.

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